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Praxis Theatre

Artistic Director: Michael Wheeler

Artistic Producer: Aislinn Rose

Praxis Theatre is a Toronto-based not-for-profit theatre company devoted to creating original theatrical productions. These works emphasize challenging sociopolitical ideas while remaining dedicated to creating theatre that is accessible to a wide spectrum of our community.

The impetus underlying all our projects is the same: We believe in the potential and power of new stories, created by local artists, to give audiences the opportunity to question the world we engage in and how we shape it. (


Produced by Praxis Theatre

Rifles January 8th, 2014 – January 19th, 2014
You Should Have Stayed Home October 17th, 2013 – October 26th, 2013
Jesus Chrysler November 29th, 2011 – December 11th, 2011
You Should Have Stayed Home August 4th, 2011 – August 13th, 2011
Underneath August 7th, 2009 – August 16th, 2009
Tim Buck 2 July 2nd, 2009 – July 12th, 2009
Stranger January 23rd, 2009 – February 8th, 2009
Dyad July 4th, 2007 – July 14th, 2007

Current Staff

Michael Wheeler Artistic Director
Aislinn Rose Artistic Producer
Simon Rice Founding Member
Margaret Evans Performer/Creator