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Aislinn Rose

Artistic & General Director, Artistic Producer, Creator, Director, Dramaturge, Managing Director, Producer, Script Supervisor, Social Designer, Sound Designer

Artistic Producer

You Should Have Stayed Home () Artistic Producer

Assistant Director

Fart Factory: The Musical! () Assistant Director


Out the Window () The Brain Creator


Amy Zuch's Key to Key () Director
Rock Time 2009 () Director


Out the Window () Dramaturge


Secret Life of a Mother () Creative Producer
Daughter () Creative Producer for The Theatre Centre
Butcher () Producer
Butcher () Producer (Butcher's Block Collective)
The Art of Building a Bunker () Quiptake Producer
Rifles () Producer
You Should Have Stayed Home () Producer
The Art of Building a Bunker or Paddling the Canoe of my Self down the River of Inclusivity and into the Ass of the World () Producer
Camila’s Bones () Producer
The Lesson () Producer
Fierce Monsters () Producer
France, or The Niqab () Producer
A Very Lupe Xmas () Co-Producer
Jesus Chrysler () Producer

Script Supervisor

Tim Buck 2 () Script Supervisor

Social Designer

Proud () Online Content

Sound Designer

Monday Nights () Sound Designer


The Theatre Centre Managing Director (2014-2019)
The Theatre Centre Artistic & General Director (2019-)
Praxis Theatre Artistic Producer