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A Very Lupe Xmas ()

Presented by

Fault Line Theatre

Co-Creators: Melissa D’Agostino and Adam Lazarus
Playwright: Melissa D’Agostino
Director: Adam Lazarus


918 Bathurst Centre for Culture


December 7th, 2011 – December 17th, 2011


Lupe, a South-American spitfire, has planned the perfect multi-cultural Posada party complete with Wise Men, livestock, and an extra large box of Timbits.  With everything in place, Lupe is certain the night will go off without a hitch, until one of her actors decides to stray from the script and sends the whole party into chaos. Lupe is forced to turn to the audience for help so she can give this Xmas just one more try. Can she continue without her Wise Men?  Have the holidays been ruined, or will it be a Very Lupe Xmas after all? (


Melissa D’Agostino Guadalupe Maria Milagrosa Josefina Paz Dominuez
Sam Kalilieh Yasser
Adam Lazarus Mordecai
Phil Luzi Jackson
Hart Massey Pepe

Creative Team

Melissa D’Agostino Co-Creator
Adam Lazarus Co-Creator
Melissa D’Agostino Playwright
Adam Lazarus Director
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Waylen Miki Original Music
Monica Dottor Choreographer


Kathleen Harrison Stage Manager
Peter Eaton Crew
William Fallon Crew
Aislinn Rose Co-Producer