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Fault Line Theatre



Fault Line Theatre was formed in 2005 to create original works that foster real and dynamic dialogue between audience and performer about contemporary social issues including: attitudes towards immigration, race, gender, acceptance, social responsibility and personal fulfillment.

The core members of the company, Melissa D’Agostino and Adam Lazarus have diverse training in clown, physical theatre, bouffon, modern dance, music and classical theatre. In the construction of our work we share an interest in pushing through the theatre’s fourth wall to create an accessible and entertaining audience experience. We challenge each other and our collaborators to create something that is surprising and full of heart.



Produced by Fault Line Theatre

Lupe: Undone July 2nd, 2008 – July 13th, 2008

Presented by Fault Line Theatre

A Very Lupe Xmas December 7th, 2011 – December 17th, 2011

Current Staff

Melissa D’Agostino
Adam Lazarus Member