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Lupe: Undone ()

Produced by

Fault Line Theatre

Playwright: Melissa D’Agostino
Co-Creators: Melissa D’Agostino
Director: Adam Lazarus and Adam Lazarus


Honest Ed’s Loading Dock


July 2nd, 2008 – July 13th, 2008


From my husband Emilio I have fled.

He wanted someone to join us in bed.

Now Santa Josefina has granted my wish,

And sent me a lover named David Mirvish.

Tonight! Tonight! It has begun.

I show for you, Lupe: Undone!



Melissa D’Agostino Lupe

Creative Team

Melissa D’Agostino Playwright
Melissa D’Agostino Co-Creator
Adam Lazarus Director
Adam Lazarus Co-Creator
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Consultant
Monica Dottor Opening Choreographer
Melissa D’Agostino Additional Choreography


Josh Shessel Stage Manager