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Produced by


Playwright: Naomi Iizuka
Director: David Ferry


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


April 20th, 2007 – May 5th, 2007


36 Views blends elements of Kabuki theatre with modern Western forms to question the nature of art, relationships, how culture is appropriated and the power of perception.  (


Gordon Bolan John Bell
Ginger Ruriko Busch Setsuko Hearn
Marjorie Chan Claire Tsong
Kyra Harper Elizabeth Newman-Orr
John Fitzgerald Jay Darius Wheeler
Gary Reineke Owen Mathiassen
Perrie Olthuis Kurogo
Sarah Sherman Kurogo

Creative Team

Naomi Iizuka Playwright
David Ferry Director
Itai Erdal Set Designer
Itai Erdal Lighting Designer
Robin Fisher Costume Designer
Kiyoshi Nagata Sound Designer
Aki Takahashi Sound Designer
Steve Marsh Sound Designer
David Ferry Sound Designer
Kiyoshi Nagata Composer
Aki Takahashi Composer
Jamie Nesbitt Projections
Christina Kozak Assistant Director


Kiyoshi Nagata Musician
Aki Takahashi Musician


Amber Archbell Stage Manager
Tara Tomlinson Assistant Stage Manager
Melanie McNeill Head Cutter
Jonathan Rooke Production Manager
Ryan McDougall Technical Director
Julie Martens Props Assistant
Matthew Pochwalowski Props Assistant
Greg Majster Photographer
Chris Gallow Photographer
Dianne Weinrib Publicity
Natalie Bomberry ARC Administrator
Dan Watson Associate Producer
Gordon Bolan Producer
Derrick Chua Producer