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Still Here ()

Produced by


Presented by

Factory Theatre

Choreographer: Heidi Strauss


Factory Studio Theatre


April 7th, 2011 – April 17th, 2011


Still Here is an intimate living portrait of a woman in a place where things are not always what they seem. Alone in a constructed room, she gains and loses control. Triggering the sound and lighting from within the set, she is an agent of change in a delicate world of shifting rules. Part installation, part fantastical solo drifting between realities, still here is a recurrent coming to terms with appearances, eventualities and what is ahead. (


Heidi Strauss Performer

Creative Team

Heidi Strauss Choreographer
Julie Fox Set Designer
Julie Fox Costume Designer
Jeremy Mimnagh Sound Designer
Jeremy Mimnagh Video Designer
Ginelle Chagnon Outside Eye
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Consultant


Simon Rossiter Production Manager
Kate Nankervis Rehearsal & Production Assistant
Christine Moynihan Administrative Support
Lizzy Edwards Load In and Lighting Crew
David Fisher Load In and Lighting Crew
Dan Gallo Load In and Lighting Crew
Aaron Kelly Load In and Lighting Crew
Jonathan Pinksen Load In and Lighting Crew
Les Stockley Load In and Lighting Crew


Bryan Eaton Technical Director - Studio
Aaron Kelly Production Manager (Factory)