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Les Stockley

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Technician, Stage Manager

Carpentry Crew

Forests () Carpentry Crew
More Fine Girls () Carpentry Crew


Bingo! () Crew
Beatrice & Virgil () Crew
6 Essential Questions () Crew
Red Snow () Crew
Zadie's Shoes () Crew
Jake's Gift () Load In and Lighting Crew
Night () Load-in and Lighting Crew
Still Here () Load In and Lighting Crew
Morro and Jasp Gone Wild () Crew
Brothel #9 () Set & Lighting Crew
Featuring Loretta () Load-in and Light Crew
Birnam Wood () Technical Crew
And So It Goes () Crew
The Madonna Painter () Load-In and Light Crew
Gas Girls () Crew
The Devil You Don't Know () Crew

Lighting Crew

Closer () Lighting Hang Crew
Wit () Lighting Hang Crew

Stage Manager

The Devil You Don't Know () Stage Manager