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Closer ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Patrick Marber
Director: Laura Roald


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


April 17th, 2009 – May 2nd, 2009


Closer is an unflinching dissection of the relationships of four Londoners in the mid-1990s. Alice, an adventurous young woman, falls for Dan, a struggling obituary writer who is inspired by her frank sexuality. When their relationship levels, he meets and becomes obsessed with Anna, a successful photographer, eventually impersonating her online. This deception sparks her connection with Larry, an upwardly mobile dermatologist. The ensuing maze of affairs follows a bitter and complex path over four years as they each struggle to achieve true intimacy. Dark, funny and uncompromising, this award-winning play by Patrick Marber questions the nature of physical and emotional bonds. (


Laura Vincent Alice
Dave Lapsley Dan
Steven Burley Larry
Tabitha Keast Anna

Creative Team

Patrick Marber Playwright
Laura Roald Director
Brandon Kleiman Set Designer
Paul Hardy Lighting Designer
Angus Barlow Sound Designer
Peter Defreitas Costume Designer


Barbara Larose Producer
Sarah Senechal Stage Manager
Ellen Green Producer
Razie Brownstone Props
Roz Sherrard Props
Ellen Green Assistant Stage Manager
P. J. Hammond Assistant Stage Manager
Jessica Katz Assistant Stage Manager
Catherine Frid Sound Operator
Catherine Spence Sound Operator
Barbara Larose Lighting Board Operator
Sara Piszel Dresser
Valerie Lemieux Wardrobe
Michael Spence Master Carpenter
David Briant Assistant Carpenter
Michael Crowe Assistant Carpenter
Rosemary Doyle Assistant Carpenter
Ken Fitzsimmons Assistant Carpenter
Rick Jones Assistant Carpenter
Ken Judd Assistant Carpenter
Brian Knee Assistant Carpenter
Rodger McLennan Assistant Carpenter
Jordan Meles Assistant Carpenter
Luke Taylor Assistant Carpenter
Dinah Watts Assistant Carpenter
Jim Whalley Assistant Carpenter
Ivan Yablonovsky Assistant Carpenter
Brandon Kleiman Scenic Painter
Cathy McKim Scenic Painter
Sarah Miller Scenic Painter
Emmanuel Afful Lighting Hang Crew
Jonathan Pinksen Lighting Hang Crew
Les Stockley Lighting Hang Crew
Kevin White Lighting Hang Crew
Suzanne Courtney Poster & Bookmark Design
Valerie Lemieux Poster & Bookmark Design
Tina McCulloch Publicist
Tabitha Keast Audition Coordinator
Andy Fraser Opening Night Reception
Joshua Meles Production Photography


P. J. Hammond Front of House Manager
Suzanne Tattersall Bar Manager
Julie Erion Reservations Manager
Suzanne Courtney Web Goddess