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Angus Barlow

Crew, Lighting Technician, Set Builder, Sound Designer, Sound Technician


After Magritte & The Real Inspector Hound () Lighting Hang Crew

Lighting Crew

A Woman of No Importance () Lighting Hang Crew
The Trojan Women () Lighting Hang Crew
After Mrs. Rochester () Lighting Hang Crew
You Are Here () Lighting Hang Crew
Wit () Lighting Hang Crew

Set Builder

You Are Here () Set Construction

Sound Designer

I Am Marguerite () Sound Designer
A Woman of No Importance () Sound Designer
After Magritte & The Real Inspector Hound () Sound Designer
MOJO () Sound Designer
You Are Here () Sound Designer
Dead Cat Bounce () Sound Designer
Closer () Sound Designer
Wit () Sound Designer
Wake () Sound Designer
Timebomb () Sound Designer

Sound Operator

After Mrs. Rochester () Sound Operator
You Are Here () Sound Operator
Wit () Sound Operator
Timebomb () Sound Operator
MOJO () Sound Engineer