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I Am Marguerite ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


April 10th, 2015 – April 25th, 2015


1542: For choosing love over duty, Marguerite de Roberval was banished to the Isle of Demons off the north coast of Newfoundland. After two years on the desolate island and driven half mad by loneliness, hardship and memories, she now has a chance of rescue. Join us for the world première of this ORIGINAL play based on a true story in Canadian history. (


Daniela Pagliarello Marguerite
Christopher Oszwald Eugene
Heli Kivilaht Damienne
Chris Coculuzzi Jean Francois
Sara Price Queen of Navarre

Creative Team

Shirley Barrie Playwright
Molly Thom Director
Meg Moran Assistant Director
Marysia Bucholc Set Designer
Wesley McKenzie Lighting Designer
Angus Barlow Sound Designer
Peter Defreitas Costume Designer
Toni Hanson Costume Designer
Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves Choreographer


James Langevin Composer


Ramona Baillie Producer
Dale Stewart Production Associate
Kelsey Rutledge Stage Manager
Fotini Paraschos Set Assistant
Gabrielle D’Angelo Sound Operator
Razie Brownstone Props Assistant
Kimberly de Jong Assistant Stage Manager
Dave Casey Head Carpenter
Mark Cope Painter
Su Martin Set Builder
Nicholas Porteous Teaser Trailer Videographer
Chloe Whitehorn Poster Design
Bruce Peters Production Photographer
Brenda Darling Executive Producer