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A Woman of No Importance

A Woman of No Importance ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Oscar Wilde
Director: Paul Hardy


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


January 25th, 2013 – February 9th, 2013


Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance was first performed in 1893, but Paul Hardy, who directs this production for Alumnae Theatre Company, decided to move the period forward in time to the mid 1980s. That being the era of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, “power dressing”, and businesswomen, it highlights the fact that for all our progress, the 1% still control the 99%, and women are still subject to more social scrutiny and censure than men.

Hardy notes that “By 1985, Thatcherism economics had boiled tensions to full in Britain. Massive riots based on race and class had just raged in the East End of London. Thatcher’s power was at its zenith. The decadent rich were enjoying one of their best times in recent British history. Today, just as in Wilde’s day, the richest people argue about what is ‘too much’ to give to the poor, and young mothers are accosted in public for not waiting or having more restraint.”

The plot of Woman is classic Wilde: at a weekend country house party hosted by Lady Hunstanton (played by Andy Fraser), wealthy ladies’ man Lord Illingworth (Andrew Batten) is the subject of much gossip among his friends in the upper-crust. He is about to hire an ambitious young man, Gerald Arbuthnot (Nicholas Porteous) as his secretary/travelling companion. Gerald is eager to accept, but his mother, the quiet-living Mrs. Arbuthnot (the unimportant “woman” of the title, played by Áine Magennis) is horrified that Gerald will be exposed to Illingworth’s unsavoury influence. Or does she have a more serious reason for her objection?

The play is crammed full of Oscar Wilde’s witty zingers and flirtatious banter. It also deals with some heated issues, both for Wilde’s time and ours. (Show Facebook Event)


Andrew Batten Lord Illingworth
Gillian English Lady Caroline Pontefract
Sophia Fabiilli Miss Hester Worsley
Andy Fraser Lady Hunstanton
James Graham Mr. Kelvil, M.P.
Áine Magennis Mrs. Arbuthnot
Kathleen Pollard Frances / Alice (maids)
Nicholas Porteous Gerald Arbuthnot
Paula Schultz Mrs. Allonby
Daniel Staseff Farquhar (butler)
Jason Thompson Archdeacon Daubeny
Mike Vitorovich Sir John Pontefract
Amy Zuch Lady Stutfield

Creative Team

Oscar Wilde Playwright
Paul Hardy Director
Brandon Kleiman Set Designer
Brandon Kleiman Costume Designer
Angus Barlow Sound Designer
Mikael Kangas Lighting Designer
John Fleming Dialect Coach
Adele Rylands Fight Director
Angela McQueen Hair and Make-up Designer
Barbara Blonska Show Wardrobe


Margot Devlin Stage Manager
Kathryn Binnersley Producer
Ramona Baillie Executive Producer
Neena Ahmad Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Plugina Assistant Stage Manager
Jennifer Oliver Props
Mike Peck Master Carpenter
Tasha Ferguson Set Assistant
Alexis Ferrer Set Assistant
Angus Barlow Lighting Hang Crew
Paul Hardy Lighting Hang Crew
Mikael Kangas Lighting Hang Crew
Julia Weinland Lighting Hang Crew
Christopher Ross Lighting Hang Crew
Adele Rylands Lighting Hang Crew
Danielle Son Lighting Hang Crew
Heather Walker Sound Operator
Tina McCulloch Marketing & Publicity
Razie Brownstone Opening Night Catering
Natalya Demberg Opening Night Catering Assistant
Sandra Schneider Opening Night Catering Assistant
Aileen Smith Opening Night Catering Assistant
Bruce Peters Production Photography
Suzanne Courtney Poster & Bookmark Design


Suzanne Courtney Web Goddess
Pat Hawk Front of House Manager
Mairy Beam Reservations Manager
Shelley Cahill Bar Manager
Jayne Patterson Bar Manager
Jo-Anne Wurster Bar Manager