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After Magriette & The Real Inspector Hound

After Magritte & The Real Inspector Hound ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Tom Stoppard
Directors: Ellen Green and Barbara Larose


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


January 21st, 2011 – February 5th, 2011


Two delightful Stoppard comedies, performed together for an evening of entertainment.

The Real Inspector Hound follows two theatre critics named Moon and Birdboot who are watching a ludicrous setup of a country house murder mystery, in the style of a whodunit. By chance, they become involved in the action causing a series of events that parallel the play they are watching.

After Magritte is a hilarious farce in which different versions of the same, extremely simple story are superimposed one upon the other creating a dizzying confusion surrounding a supposed crime that the enterprising Inspector Foot of the Yard and the plodding Constable Holmes simply cannot unravel. The end of the play is a totally surreal and totally logical tableau, entirely worthy of the painter who inspired it all.

This pairing of Stoppard one-acts is the 2010-11 season’s “Countdown to 100″ play; they were previously produced at Alumnae during the 1976-77 season.(



Andrea Irwin Thelma Harris (After Magritte)
Patrick Brown Reginald Harris (After Magritte)
Rob Candy Inspector Foot (After Magritte) / Major Magnus Muldoon (The Real Inspector Hound)
Andy Fraser Lady Cynthia Muldoon (The Real Inspector Hound)
Rick Jones Birdboot (The Real Inspector Hound)
Leeman Kessler Simon Gascoyne (The Real Inspector Hound)
Scott Moore Moon (The Real Inspector Hound)
Derek Perks Inspector Hound (The Real Inspector Hound)
Brenda Somers Mrs. Drudge (The Real Inspector Hound)
Laura Vincent Felicity Cunningham (The Real Inspector Hound)
Susan Q Wilson Mother (After Magritte)
Adrian Yearwood PC Holmes (After Magritte)

Creative Team

Tom Stoppard Playwright
Ellen Green Director
Barbara Larose Director
Rick Jones Movement Coach
Marysia Bucholc Set Designer
Paul Hardy Lighting Designer
Angus Barlow Sound Designer
Charmaine Huculak Costume Designer
John Fleming Dialect Coach


Margot Devlin Stage Manager
Dorothy Wilson Prop Designer
Margot Devlin Lighting Board Operator
Haliya Persaud Sound Operator
Valerie Lemieux Assistant Stage Manager
Cathy McKim Assistant Stage Manager
Jayne Patterson Assistant Stage Manager
Dave Casey Master Carpenter
Marysia Bucholc Set Construction
David Huculak Set Construction
Phil Lang Set Construction
Bill Scott Special Effects Builder
Jim Whalley Special Effects Builder
Marysia Bucholc Scenic Painter
Ellen Green Scenic Painter
Lies Lambermont Scenic Painter
Renée Lemessurier Scenic Painter
Cathy McKim Scenic Painter
Lynne Patterson Scenic Painter
Sandra Schneider Scenic Painter
Jane Teare Scenic Painter
Razie Brownstone Upholsterer
Angus Barlow Lighting Hang Crew
Bill Scott Lighting Hang Crew
Tina McCulloch Marketing & Publicity
Cathy McKim Bloggergal (
Sandra Schneider Opening Night Reception
Nonnie Griffin Opening Night Reception
Suzanne Courtney Web Goddess (
Suzanne Courtney Graphic Designer
Valerie Lemieux Graphic Designer
Joshua Meles Production Photography


Jo-Anne Wurster Front of House Manager
Tina McCulloch Reservations Manager
Lynne Patterson Reservations Manager