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Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Paul Hardy


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


September 24th, 2010 – October 9th, 2010


Award-winning Canadian playwright and screenwriter Daniel MacIvor introduces us to Alison, a troubled soul struggling to untangle how she got to where she is.  Did she know the right people?  Make good choices?  We meet her friends, lovers and business acquaintances, and travel with them (and her) through the darkly funny contradictions and confusions of a modern life lived, to find out what it means to be happy in all this messiness. (


Tabitha Keast Alison
Mike Vitorovich Richard
Joseph Cochrane Ted Steeves / Doctor / Waiter
Seema Lakhani Connie Hoy / First A.D.
Cameron Johnston Jerry
Alyssa Quart Cartlidge Diane Drake
Will O’Hare Thomas Roman
Jamieson Child Paul / Justin

Creative Team

Daniel MacIvor Playwright
Paul Hardy Director
Scott Penner Costume Designer
Ed Rosing Set Designer
Ed Rosing Lighting Designer
Angus Barlow Sound Designer


Danielle Guslits Stage Manager
Shelley Cahill Producer
Dinah Watts Producer
Vivien Feirson Props
Sandra Burley Assistant Stage Manager
Eileen Lonergan Assistant Stage Manager
Angus Barlow Sound Operator
Romi Boimer Lighting Board Operator
Margot Devlin Lighting Board Operator
Lynda Yearwood Lighting Board Operator
Angus Barlow Set Construction
Paul Hardy Set Construction
Natasha Kennedy Set Construction
David Pauloff Set Construction
Dinah Watts Set Construction
Shelley Cahill Scenic Painter
Cathy McKim Scenic Painter
Angus Barlow Lighting Hang Crew
Arizona Dixon Lighting Hang Crew
Paul Hardy Lighting Hang Crew
Tina McCulloch Marketing & Publicity
Cathy McKim Bloggergal (
Elisha Hew Lobby Display & Artwork
Elisha Hew Opening Night Reception
Lynn Zeelenberg Opening Night Reception
Suzanne Courtney Web Goddess
Suzanne Courtney Poster & Bookmark Design
Karen Braaten Production Photography


P. J. Hammond Front of House Manager
Victoria Shepherd Reservations Manager