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Produced by

DropShip Entertainment

Playwright: Jez Butterworth
Director: Mac Fyfe


48 Abell Street


June 18th, 2007 – June 24th, 2007


Silver Johnny is the new singing sensation, straight out of a low-life Soho club land bar in 1958. His success could be the big break for two dead-end workers in the bar, if they play their cards right and trust the owner of the place to make a good deal with the local money mogul. Before they can dream what to do with all the money they’ll make, the owner turns up dead, Silver Johnny disappears, the second in command takes over the bar and power positions are juggled about. Going through the uppers and downers filched from pocketbooks, and trying to keep a lid on the precocious anger of the dead owner’s son, the band of losers figures out the law of the streets and who killed the boss, but not in time to save one of their own, and perhaps their souls. (


Andrew Craig Silver Johnny
Joe Dinicol Sweets
Benjamin Blais Sidney Potts
Rouzbeh Faird Baby
David Tompa Skinny Luke
Ryan Hollyman Mickey

Creative Team

Jez Butterworth Playwright
Mac Fyfe Director


Gareth Bennett Drum Solo


Aidan Dahlin Nolan Stage Manager
Julie Sype Associate Producer
Shawn Reynolds Associate Producer
Michael Toke Sponsor
Robert Fisher Production Assistant
Angus Barlow Sound Engineer
David Tompa Poster Design
Neetu Bains Press Photos