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Red Snow ()

Produced by

Aluna Theatre and Red Snow Collective and Toronto ALPHA

Playwright: Diana Tso
Director: Beatriz Pizano


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


January 14th, 2012 – January 28th, 2012


A love story about two youth in Nanjing whose journey leads them into the horrors of a comfort house in Shanghai 1937. (


ZoƩ Doyle Isabel
Vienna Hehir Popo
Derek Kwan Jason
Janet Lo Lily
Richard Tse Gung Gung

Creative Team

Diana Tso Playwright
Beatriz Pizano Director
William Yong Movement Director
William Yong Music Director
Alice Ping Yee Ho Music Composer
Trevor Schwellnus Set Designer
Trevor Schwellnus Multimedia Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Victoria Wallace Costume Designer
Ric Knowles Dramaturge
Ana Lorena Leija Assistant Director
Rebecca Vandevelde Assistant Video Designer


Patty Chan Erhu / Gaohu
Brandon Miguel Valdivia Percussionist


Sandy Plunkett Stage Manager
Doug Morum Technical Director
Doug Morum Production Manager
Navneet Rai Assistant Stage Manager
Navneet Rai Video Operator
Suzie Balogh Assistant Production Manager
Suzie Balogh Assistant Technical Director
Anne Sujo Graphic & Programme Design
Wayne Sujo Graphic & Programme Design
Alex Felipe Photographer
Alex Felipe Videographer
Derrick Tam Website Designer
Titus Leung Subtitle Translator
Chow Lo Kit Hing Calligraphy
William Yong Calligraphy
Alice Tso Chinese Translation for Scroll Poem
Jennifer Radford Publicist
Reina Clarete Administrative Assistant
Reina Clarete Outreach Assistant
Eric Read Crew
James Plouffe Crew
Les Stockley Crew
Jenn Hewitt Crew
Erin Birkenbergs Crew
Andrew Clemens Crew
Colin Harris Crew
Matt Armour Crew
Will Hofstetter Crew