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Human Animals ()

Playwright: Stef Smith
Director: Christopher Stanton


St. Matthews Clubhouse


February 22nd, 2019 – March 16th, 2019


HUMAN ANIMALS is a timely and provocative play about humankinds precarious place within the natural world, by one of the UKs most exciting young female dramatists Stef Smith. Suspense-filled, enigmatic, and darkly comic,

With HUMAN ANIMALS, ARC revisits the fertile territory of dystopian near-futures that have become a company signature (last successfully explored in their acclaimed production of POMONA). Instead of considering the ongoing extinction of species, Smiths bracing play imagines an overcrowded city in which nature is getting out of control. The mice are scratching between walls, the pigeons are diseased, and the foxes are beginning to rule the streets. The problem is growing. It’s contagious. And though no one seems to know what started this crisis, the city makes it clear that it must be stopped at all costs. (


Aviva Armour-Ostroff Performer
Deborah Drakeford Performer
Carlos González-Vio Performer
Ryan Hollyman Performer
André Sills Performer
Arlen Aguayo Stewart Performer

Creative Team

Stef Smith Playwright
Christopher Stanton Director
Nick Blais Lighting Designer
Nick Blais Set Designer
Jackie Chau Costume Designer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Hans Krause Assistant Designer


Tamara Vuckovic Stage Manager
Deborah Lim Technical Director
Deborah Lim Production Manager
Edith Nataprawira Scenic Painter
Kate Walker Assistant Producer
Emma Monet Assistant Stage Manager
Charles McWilliam Head Carpenter
Ryan Wilson Carpenter
Kai Masaoka Head Technician
Giuseppe Condello Assistant Technical Director
Laura Philipps Crew
Neta J. Rose Front of House Manager