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Kitne Saare Laloo Yahan Pey Hain ()

Produced by

KSLYPH Collective

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Creator: Bilal Baig
Director: Tawiah Ben M’carthy


Factory Studio Theatre


January 9th, 2020 – January 18th, 2020


Escaping to the West, a young trans woman runs away from Bangladesh with only one suitcase and a secret. As she fears for her life in her new surroundings, can she trust you to keep her safe? Bilal Baig offers a truthful drama that authentically and unapologetically puts queer and trans bodies at the centre of the storytelling. (


Bilal Baig Performer

Creative Team

Bilal Baig Creator
Tawiah Ben M’carthy Director
Virgilia Griffith Movement Coach
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Steph Raposo Sound Designer
Sebastian Marziali Set Designer


Cole Vincent Stage Manager
Daniel Carter Producer
Lauren Dowell Studio Head Technician