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Derailed ()

Produced by

The Amy Project and Theatre Passe Muraille

Directors: Lisa Codrington and Megan Watson


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


April 30th, 2012


DERAILED follows the passengers and workers on the Mass Exodus Subway System as they make their way through morning rush hour. This multi-disciplinary performance piece explores what it means to leave people, places, and parts of ourselves. (Show Facebook Event)


Angaer Arop Performer
Irma Duplessis Performer
Adaoma Emenogu Performer
Rekik Gerbretsadik Performer
Samantha Goncalves Performer
Noelle-Najmaah Nedrick Performer
Aisha Petrie Performer
Mara Raposo Performer
Jessica Ruttan Performer
Shannon Saikkonen Performer
Kezia Ingrid Shepherd Performer
Janice Yang Performer
Monica Zuleta Performer

Creative Team

Lisa Codrington Director
Megan Watson Director
Casey Mecija Musical Director
Casey Mecija Sound Designer
Copper Brown Assistant Director
Susie J Lighting Designer
Melanie Gayle Mentor
Afrakaren Niles Mentor
Ania Soul Mentor
Jessica Moss Mentor
Basia Bulat Mentor
Cassy Walker Mentor
Alanna Stuart Mentor
Jordi Mand Mentor
Maev Beaty Mentor
Michaela Washburn Mentor
Lisa Karen Cox Mentor
Nicole Stamp Mentor
Ordena Stephens-Thompson Mentor


Noelle-Najmaah Nedrick Youth Liason
Michelle Green Project Manager
Erin Birkenbergs Production Coordinator