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Presented by

The East End Performance Crawl

Creators: Amy Keating and Julie Tepperman




May 23rd, 2014 – May 31st, 2014


Experience five short unique intimate encounters with performers inside Jilly’s ~ one of Toronto’s oldest remaining strip clubs.

What does it take for two strangers to meet and share an authentic intimate moment together in an age where the proliferation of porn and the internet are constantly challenging the ways in which we communicate, what we define as sexy, and our notions of intimacy? (


Amy Keating Performer
Julie Tepperman Performer
Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho) Performer
Jessica Moss Performer
Sabryn Rock Performer
Andrew Moodie Performer

Creative Team

Amy Keating Creator
Julie Tepperman Creator


Eric Goldstein Producer
Evan Harkai Technical Director
Rosamund Small Associate Producer
Suzanne Cheriton Publicist
Kinnon Elliott Graphic Designer