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Claire, From the Bus ()

Produced by

Liars Co.

Playwright: Kjartan Hewitt
Director: Kjartan Hewitt


The Storefront Theatre


February 15th, 2013 – February 28th, 2013


Ralph (Esmer) is turning 31, today in fact, and he’s looking forward to his usual meeting of friend’s, including his delightfully amoral best friend Donald (Reale), at his usual bar for a nice, usual birthday. Then, on his commute home, he meets Claire (McAuley). The next 24 hours find Ralph in a devilishly orchestrated game of sexual blackmail calling into question his grasp of morality, his fidelity and that of his girlfriend, Lemmy (Nguyen). It will especially have him questioning. (


Ennis Esmer Ralph
Bryn McAuley Claire
Mayko Nguyen Lemmy
David Reale Donald

Creative Team

Kjartan Hewitt Playwright
Kjartan Hewitt Director
Alanna McConnell Lighting Designer
Dean Johnston Set Designer
Alanna McConnell Sound Designer


Evan Harkai Stage Manager