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Produced by


Playwright: Brandon Crone
Director: Brandon Crone


Hub 14


November 7th, 2013 – November 17th, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ Independent – Outstanding Performance by a Male (Jakob Ehman)


Gray, a sperm donor, meets his son for the first time. But as more children get added to the roster, a dream becomes a nightmare with disastrous consequences. (


Jakob Ehman Jonathan/John
Thomas Gough Gray
Karen Slater Alice

Creative Team

Brandon Crone Playwright
Brandon Crone Director
Claire Hill Scenographer
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director


Christina Hernandez Stage Manager
Alex Dault Associate Producer
Emily Hill Props Construction
Cameron Lapp Set Construction
Claire Hill Set Construction
Dan Hill Set Construction
Maya Hall Set Intall
Cameron Lapp Set Install
Debbie Courchene Set Install
Dan Hill Production Driver