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Heretic ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Playwright: Sare Thorpe
Directors: Sare Thorpe and Scott Dermody


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


November 11th, 2015 – November 22nd, 2015


While only a young teenager, Joan of Arc (the anglicized version of her proper  name, Jeanne D’Arc) , the  illiterate  da ughter of  modest peasants,  began to hear  what she believed to be divine  voices  who instructed her to  lead the French  forces against the English in the ongoing Hundred Year’s War . With many  of her countrymen  convinced  of her  claim to be a force  sent by God,  she  was  embraced by the nobility and the military elite , and became  both  a  leader on the front lines of battle – donning the same masculine  garments and  armour as her male counterparts  – and a n inspirational figurehead  across France . After  making  pivotal gains agai nst the English, she was  ultimately captured and charged with heresy for her  declarations of  supernatural communication – and for  wearing men’s clothes . Des pite putting up a n impassioned and theologically profound  defense,  she was  found  guilty  by the English – led court  and burned at the stake , forever cementing her status as a martyr and a legend . HERETIC illuminates this iconic character in a  fresh new light by presenting Joan  not as a religious saint or  zealot, but as a  complex and  headstrong  yet fallible  young woman  who dared to declare herself an equal,  challenge d the patriarchal power structure of the time ,  and remained unwavering in  her principles  despite the  ultimate consequences. (Show Press Release)


Sare Thorpe Performer

Creative Team

Sare Thorpe Playwright
Sare Thorpe Director
Scott Dermody Director
Justin Haigh Dramaturge
Alyksandra Ackerman Scenographer
Randy Lee Lighting Designer
Wesley McKenzie Sound Designer
Jakob Ehman Original Sound Design
Melanie Hrymak Fight Choreographer


Kathleen Hemsworth Stage Manager
Wesley McKenzie Production Manager
Scott Dermody Producer
Justin Haigh Producer
Julia Weinland Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician