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Brenhan McKibben

Director, Graphic Designer, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Set Builder, Set Designer


In the Pines () Director


The Comedy of Errors () Duke Solinus / Second Merchant / Pinch
The Castle () Batter
Les Liaisons Dangereuses () Azolan
Cockfight () Charlie Chiavetti
Shrew () Gremio
Geography of a Horse Dreamer () Beaujo
Wait Until Dark () Sgt. Carlino


The Forest () Playwright ("The Leprechan's Gold" / "The Frog and the Scorpion")
In the Pines () Playwright

Poster Design

Geography of a Horse Dreamer () Poster Design
In the Pines () Poster Design


Cockfight () Producer

Set Builder

Sexual Perversity in Chicago () Set/Tech Construction

Set Designer

In the Pines () Set Designer