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Half a League ()

Produced by

Rarely Pure Theatre

Playwright: Scott Garland
Director: Alexander Offord


Fraser Studios


May 6th, 2015 – May 31st, 2015


In an outpost composed entirely of trash, Half a League follows Peter, Jim and Sam play soldier. Toiling away the hours performing assigned tasks and recitations of Charge of the Light Brigade, they eagerly await the return of the post’s founder. The game then changes when an unexpected visitor stumbles upon the outpost, and their dynamic is shifted forever. (


Nicholas Porteous Billy
Katie Corbridge Sam
Mamito Kukwikila Peter
Stephanie Carpanini Jim
Victor Pokinko Sir Rupert

Creative Team

Scott Garland Playwright
Alexander Offord Director
Victor Pokinko Composer
Tom McGee Dramaturge
Nate Bitton Fight Choreographer


Monique Renaud Production Manager
Spencer Robson Producer
Christina Bryson Producer
Katie Corbridge Producer
Katie Corbridge Public Outreach