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Constellation Prize: A New Musical ()

Produced by

Spare Drawer Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Alessandra Ferreri
Writer: Steven Suepaul and Alessandra Ferreri
Music: Caitlin Currie and Kevin Lemieux and Michael Henley-Dunbar
Lyrics: Kevin Lemieux and Caitlin Currie and Michael Henley-Dunbar
Director: Alessandra Ferreri


Aki Studio


July 5th, 2023 – July 16th, 2023


Ophiuchus, the rejected “13th sign”, tries to apply for a zodiac permit at the Department of Mainstream Constellations. But if he’s going to shoot for the star signs, he’s going to have to convince the rest of them first. A new musical about the galaxy’s cringiest archetypes. (


Dave Miller Capricorn
Merritt Crews Sagittarius
Steven Suepaul Ophiuchus
Lou Currie Cancer / Leo
Anna Smith Gemini / Aries
Megan Miles Virgo

Creative Team

Alessandra Ferreri Creator
Steven Suepaul Writer
Alessandra Ferreri Writer
Caitlin Currie Music
Kevin Lemieux Music
Michael Henley-Dunbar Music
Kevin Lemieux Lyrics
Caitlin Currie Lyrics
Michael Henley-Dunbar Lyrics
Alessandra Ferreri Director
Tom McGee Dramaturge
Gil Ruston Lighting Designer
Sarah Rorabeck Choreographer
Michael Henley-Dunbar Music Director


Michael Henley-Dunbar Keys
Dan Kiss Percussion
Tami Sorovaiski Bass
Hanna Wilson Guitar


Gil Ruston Production Manager
Rebecca Padgett Astrologer
Vanessa Ferreri Graphics & Logos