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Help Yourself ()

Produced by

Theatre Brouhaha

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Kat Sandler
Director: Kat Sandler


The George Ignatieff Theatre


July 4th, 2012 – July 15th, 2012

Awards & Nominations

Winner of the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival’s New Play Contest, the Patrons’ Pick and the Best of Fringe. (



Help Yourself is the story of 35-year-old Donny who is in the business of clearing consciences. Audiences learn that for a hefty sum Donny will help clients justify to themselves their desired immoral actions. Donny’s life is great – fancy condo, beautiful girlfriend and swanky dinners – until a new client sparks a gut-wrenching, high-stakes session that will leave audiences wondering if breaking the rules is ever worth the payoff. (


Tosha Doiron Samantha
Daniel Pagett Donny
Tim Walker Ted

Creative Team

Kat Sandler Playwright
Kat Sandler Director
Tom McGee Dramaturge
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Costume Designer
Faline Park Assistant Set Designer
Faline Park Assistant Costume Designer


Ashley Westlake Stage Manager
Johanna Lawrie Assistant Stage Manager
Chris DePaul Producer
Samantha Wan Production Assistant
Alec Toller Videographer
Zaiden Photographer