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Alec Toller

Director, Founder, Playwright, Producer, Stage Manager, Videographer

Assistant Director

Laws of Motion () Assistant Director
Pieces () Assistant Director


SwordPlay: A Play of Swords () Original Director
Swordplay () Original Director
Special Constables () Director
Slip () Director
The Queen's Conjuror () Director
Wasteland () Director
Sex T-Rep: Watchout Wildkat! / Swordplay () Director
Slip () Director
SwordPlay: A Play of Swords () Director
Sex T-rex Presents - Watch Out Wildkat! : Yer Dealin’ with The Devil () Director
Blood Moon () Director
Drunk Enough to Say I Love You () Director
Dark Matter () Director
Special Constables () Director


The Queen's Conjuror () Playwright


Slip () Producer

Stage Manager

Wasteland () Stage Manager


Help Yourself () Videographer


Circlesnake Productions Founder