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Slip ()

Produced by

Circlesnake Productions

Director: Alec Toller


Tarragon Workspace


March 23rd, 2017 – April 2nd, 2017


Slip follows Detective Lynne  Barrett as she tries to piece together a mysterious death: a woman is found dead on the floor of an abandoned apartment with debris strewn everywhere, and a symbol carved into her arm.  Her attempts to uncover the truth are disrupted by the overwhelming complexity of the case, and Lynne must untangle a mystery that escapes the simplicity of a single story. A play about crime, memory, and storytelling. (


Alex Paxton-Beesley Lynne
Daniel Pagett Mark
Mikaela Dyke Jane / Daniels
Anders Yates Blake / Chris / Kenting
Nicole Stamp Passader / Marina

Creative Team

Alec Toller Director
Wesley McKenzie Lighting Designer
Bronwen Lily Set Designer


Kathleen Jones Stage Manager
Julian Bulof Technical Director
Joshua Browne Producer
Mikaela Dyke Producer
Alec Toller Producer