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Special Constables ()

Produced by

Circlesnake Productions

Director: Alec Toller


The Storefront Theatre


December 5th, 2013 – December 21st, 2013


Special Constables┬áis an action-filled comedy that chronicles the return of Toronto’s most elite police force: the TTC Transit Police. Jameson, a former constable, is responsible for the crumbling of the Special Constables, but when a Metropass counterfeiting ring threatens to take over the TTC, Jameson has one shot to redeem both the his former unit and himself. (


Conor Bradbury Stokes / O'Leary
Mikaela Dyke Dollarhide / Skitch
Amy Kitz Mouse
Colin Munch Threetone
Tim Walker Jameson
Chris Wilson Railz / Jason

Creative Team

Alec Toller Director
Kendra Terpenning Set Designer
Kendra Terpenning Costume Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer


Matt Esteves Stage Manager