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Conor Bradbury

Member, Performer


Moving On () Drew
Entrances and Exits () Performer
D&D Live! () Ronoc, the Dark Elven Necromancer
Swordplay () Barnabas / King Thorne
Special Constables () Stokes/O'Leary
Bendy Sign Tavern () Bob, the Bartender
Wasteland () Ernest
SwordPlay: A Play of Swords () Barnabas / King Thorne
Sex T-rex Presents - Watch Out Wildkat! : Yer Dealin’ with The Devil () The Gambler
Special Constables () Stokes / O'Leary
Callaghan! & the Wings of a Butterfly () Bryce "Sal" Salvatore
Throne of Games () Khal Drogo
Hypnogogic Logic () Dream Team


Sex T-Rex Member