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Sex T-Rep: Watchout Wildkat! / Swordplay ()

Produced by

Sex T-Rex

Presented by

The Storefront Arts Initiative

Creators: Julian Frid and Conor Bradbury and Lowen Morrow and Seann Murray
Playwright: Seann Murray
Director: Alec Toller


The Storefront Theatre


March 11th, 2016 – March 27th, 2016


Comedy Powerhouse Sex T-Rex presents two of their award-winning plays every night in repertory: Watch Out WildKat, a saddle ride through the Wild West, and SwordPlay, a swashbuckling adventure set in a video game from the 1990s. Using physical comedy, stage combat and puppetry, Sex T-Rex brings cinema’s most classic action genres to life on stage. (


Conor Bradbury Devil / Prospector / One-Eyed Jaques / Barnabas / King Throne
Julian Frid Lonesome Cowboy / Prospector / The Hawk / The Nun / Stupid Bird / Baron Thorne / Roland
Lowen Morrow Wildkat / Beauregard the Smoking Beaver / Princess Scarlet Pimpernel / Helpful Crab / The Crone
Seann Murray Spider / Curly / The Bear / Salvatore
Daniel Pagett Pa / Prospector / The Sheriff / Hammond Gunhand / Grandpa / Igor / The Priest / Liam Neeson / Sexy Lemon Tree

Creative Team

Julian Frid Creator
Conor Bradbury Creator
Lowen Morrow Creator
Seann Murray Creator
Seann Murray Script
Alec Toller Director
Devon Hyland Composer (for Wildkat)
Imogen Wilson Lighting Designer
Lowen Morrow Costume Designer
Josef Addleman Sound Designer
Seann Murray Sound Designer
Kevin MacPherson Fight Choreographer
Lowen Morrow Dance Choreographer


Katherine Belyea Stage Manager
Victoria Laberge Publicist


Claire Hill Production Coordinator
Melissa Joakim Technical Director
Imogen Wilson Head Technician