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Blood Moon ()

Produced by

Starfish Productions

Playwright: Nichols Kazan
Director: Alec Toller


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


June 11th, 2014 – June 21st, 2014


On a stormy night in NYC, 19-year-old Manya finds herself in a swanky Manhattan apartment with her uncle and the ever sophisticated Alan. As the scotch and conversation continues to flow a night of secrets and seduction begins to spin out of control for young Manya. One year later the three meet again for another unforgettable evening. (


Shannon Stevens Mayna
Thomas Gough Gregory
Michael Gordon Shore Alan

Creative Team

Nichols Kazan Playwright
Alec Toller Director
Sara Brzozowski Set Designer


Shashwat Sharma Stage Manager
Shannon Stevens Producer
Jennica Nichols Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician