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Extremophiles ()

Produced by

Architect Theatre and Golden Age

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Georgina Beaty
Director: Megan Watson


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


August 5th, 2016 – August 14th, 2016


Field Notes –
September 1, 2020. I’ve arrived. The desert is a desert. There is only Margaret, her baby, and one doctor. The supply drop contained: tuna (live), salt tablets, and me. I parachuted out of a plane. It is… exciting…is the wrong word but it is the only one I have. The question: What is going on right here, right now?”

A darkly funny meditation on a world past the precipice, Extremophiles is an unconventional dissertation, a eulogy, and a mid-apocalyptic bedtime story. In the midst of a spontaneous pregnancy epidemic, only Margaret gives birth – to a very unusual baby. She is quarantined in the far North with her growing child. When April, an eager young anthropologist, arrives to chronicle the emerging society, she becomes more entangled than she anticipated. (


Georgina Beaty Performer
Erin Fleck Live Visuals

Creative Team

Georgina Beaty Playwright
Megan Watson Director
Karen Hines Dramaturge
Patrick Lavender Production Design
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Sarah Fairlie Live Visual Design
Erin Fleck Live Visual Design


Tamara Vuckovic Stage Manager
Daniel Bennett Production Manager
Sascha Cole Producer
Rashida Shaw Producer
Frank Donato Technical Support
Dahlia Katz Photography
Tala Kamea Poster Design