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Flashing Lights ()

Produced by

Ahuri Theatre and Bad New Days Performing Arts and Flashing Lights Collective

Playwright: Guillermo Verdecchia
Creators: Adam Paolozza and Liz Peterson and Miranda Calderon and Dan Watson
Director: Adam Paolozza


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


October 7th, 2017 – October 22nd, 2017


FLASHING LIGHTS tells the tale of Peter, an unremarkable guy who inexplicably becomes famous. His dizzying rise and fall effects everyone around him, in particular his family; his savvy wife Shannon and their child Ter. What starts off as a portrait of contemporary family life quickly unravels into a meditation on the borders between digital and physical existence and the future of this brave new world being created.

FLASHING LIGHTS combines a fantastical absurdist narrative with a highly physical theatrical style using technology like smart phones and tablets as puppets, masks, light, and sound sources. Drawing on the ideas of Marshall McLuhan, Sherry Turkle, Jean Baudrillard and other theorists, FLASHING LIGHTS speaks to the growing anxiety about the future and to the vertiginous feeling that time itself is speeding up. Will humankind’s frail, flesh and blood selves be able to keep up? (


Liz Peterson Performer
Miranda Calderon Performer
Dan Watson Performer
Adam Paolozza Performer
Guillermo Verdecchia Performer

Creative Team

Guillermo Verdecchia Playwright
Adam Paolozza Creator
Liz Peterson Creator
Miranda Calderon Creator
Dan Watson Creator
Adam Paolozza Director
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Ken MacKenzie Lighting Designer
Melissa Joakim Projection Designer
Matt Smith Sound Designer


Dylan Tate-Howarth Stage Manager
Tim Lindsay Technical Director
Navid Amini Crew
Sarah “Pip” Bradford Crew
Micah Champagne Crew
JP Faienza Crew
Samantha Gignac Crew
Yoan Holder Crew
Gord Simmons Crew
Francesca Chudnoff Graphic Designer