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Queer Bathroom Stories ()

Produced by

Libido Productions

Playwright: Sheila Cavanagh
Director: Megan Watson


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


May 31st, 2014 – June 15th, 2014


Queer Bathroom Stories will open your eyes to the secret sex life of the toilet. Based on real life experiences and in-person interviews, these passionate, funny and emotive stories reveal the complexities of gender identity and sexuality. (


Hallie Burt Performer
Tyson James Performer
Chy Ryan Spain Performer

Creative Team

Sheila Cavanagh Playwright
Megan Watson Director
Judith Rudakoff Dramaturge
Cory Sincennes Production Designer
Verne Good Sound Designer
Amy Bowman Associate Dramaturge
Shawna Blain Associate Dramaturge
Lucy Powis Associate Dramaturge


Charissa Wilcox Project Manager
Tamara Vuckovic Stage Manager
Peter Andrusiak Assistant Stage Manager
Darryl Mabey Graphic Designer
Drasko Bogdanovic Production Photographer


Suzie Balogh Chamber Technician