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Chy Ryan Spain

Performer, Youth Program Coordinator


BOX 4901 () Performer
pool (no water) () Performer
Monomyths () Performer (Stage 5)
pool (no water) () Performer
Small Axe () Performer
Queer Bathroom Stories () Performer
Of a Monstrous Child: A Gaga Musical () Grace Jones / Madonna / Yoko Ono / Chorus
Queer Bathroom Monologues () Performer
Tightrope () Mourner - Tabitha Katchu
The Pastor Phelps Project: A Fundamentalist Cabaret () Steve Drain / Tyra Banks / Biblical Jonathan
The Ecstasy of Mother Teresa or: Agnes Bojaxhiu Superstar () The Minstrel / Henry Morgentaler / Union Carbide Picketer #4
Leni Riefenstahl vs the 20th Century () Performer
The Pastor Phelps Project () Tyra Banks / Bill O'Reilly / Chorus


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Youth Program Coordinator