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Small Axe ()

Produced by

Project: Humanity and The Theatre Centre

Playwright: Andrew Kushnir
Director: Alan Dilworth


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


January 17th, 2015 – February 1st, 2015


A queer white documentary theatre-maker thinks he’s investigating homophobia in Jamaica.

But what starts as a quest to expose an injustice, turns into a burning call for his own personal transformation.

How do we justly engage with an injustice? To whom does an injustice “belong”? Through a constellation of encounters — with activists, refugees, priests and ministers, journalists, artists, Pride Week revelers, and many queer people of colour – Small Axe asks us to bravely face our differences in order to discover how intricately connected we are.



Sarah Afful Performer
Michael Blake Performer
Lisa Codrington Performer
Andrew Kushnir Performer
Chy Ryan Spain Performer
Marcel Stewart Performer

Creative Team

Andrew Kushnir Playwright
Alan Dilworth Director
Andrew Kushnir Co-creator
Alan Dilworth Co-creator
Alan Dilworth Dramaturge
Karim Morgan Consulting Dramaturge
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer
Jung-Hye Kim Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Debashis Sinha Sound Designer


Thomas Morgan Jones Movement Coach
Laurel Paetz Dialect Coach
Liza Paul Dialect Coach
Michael Sinclair Dialect Coach
Michael Sinclair Stage Manager
Justis Danto-Clancy Production Manager
Remington North Technician