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Gender Reveal Party ()

Produced by

Flamingo Rampant

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creator: S. Bear Bergman


The Theatre Centre – Green Roof


August 10th, 2019 – August 18th, 2019


You’re invited! Enact a garden party fantasy of gendered revelations, where the highlights and surprises shared are decided by the person doing the revealing (and where there are always more than two choices).

Cold drinks and the cool breeze of gender freedom will be served. (


S. Bear Bergman Performer
Chy Ryan Spain Mx Axel Blows
Avery Jean Brennan Performer
Jaidyn Jasim Performer
Akiva Blaine Performer
Jonathan Clarkson Performer
Rose Goodwin Performer
Sansom Marchand Performer
Nour Abi Nakhoul Performer
Ralitsa Rodriguez Performer

Creative Team

S. Bear Bergman Creator


Dave Bell-Patterson Interpreter
Tara Everett Interpreter
Amanda Hyde Interpreter
j wallace skelton Millinery