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Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre Live ()

Produced by

Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre and Theatre Double Take

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Josef Beeby and Polly Phokeev and Grace Smith and Leete Stetson
Director: Aria Umezawa


The Randolph Theatre


July 1st, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


Join us at Duotang Chesterfield’s Radio Station for true case files from history’s forgotten detectives! Featuring mysteries from Cambridge’s upper class at the turn of the century to the rough streets of 1970s LA! A rotation of four hilarious and hair-raising evenings performed for you and the listeners at home! Two twenty-minute stories each night! (


Josef Beeby Handsome Jack / Wesley Wellington / Various
Zara Jestadt Elsa / Countess
Marika Lapointe Myrna Sinclair / Celia
Justin Miller Max Mileaminute / Tom
Rebecca Russell Laurie O'Leary / Carol Sullivan / Various
Grace Smith Sue Oregon / Sally Oregon / Anna /
Leete Stetson The Narrator / C.H. Arles / Various
Nicole Byblow Performer

Creative Team

Josef Beeby Playwright
Polly Phokeev Playwright
Grace Smith Playwright
Leete Stetson Playwright
Aria Umezawa Director


Nicole Byblow Accompanist


Josef Beeby Producer
Grace Smith Producer
Leete Stetson Producer


Verne Good Venue Technician
Andrew Clemens Venue Technician
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer