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The Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre and The Great Canadian Theatre Company

Director: Richard Rose
Playwright: Stephen Massicotte


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


November 7th, 2006 – December 17th, 2006


The Great War is over and the world can finally forget. Except some can’t forget. Some like poet, Robert Graves, have a piece of shrapnel in their lungs. And some, like T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), can’t bear to see his beloved Arabia falling into the morass of civil war while Britain breaks its promises to its former Arab allies. What can a pair of rebels do, except take to the rooftops of Oxford? A timely exploration of the consequence of war from the author of Mary’s Wedding. (


Jonathan Crombie Captain Robert Graves
Victor Ertmanis Lord George Nathaniel Curzon
Michelle Giroux Nancy Nicholson
Paul Rainville Jack Dawkins
Tom Rooney Colonel T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)

Creative Team

Richard Rose Director
Stephen Massicotte Playwright
Charlotte Dean Set Designer
Charlotte Dean Costume Designer
Graeme Thomson Lighting Designer
Todd Charlton Sound Designer
Lise Ann Johnson Dramaturge
John Stead Fight Director


Kathryn Westoll Stage Manager
Tara Tomlinson Apprentice Stage Manager
Rachel Fancy Production Manager
Carolyn Choo Props Assistant
Bill Stahl Assistant Carpenter
Trish Nicholson Wardrobe Assistant
Susan Stephenson PTSD Consultant
MK Piatkowski Script Coordinator
Diane Pitblado Voice Coach
Diane Pitblado Dialect Coach
Kelly McEvenue Movement Coach
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Kilby Smith-McGregor Graphic Designer
Tom Baranski Carpentry Crew
Gareth Crew Carpentry Crew
Christine Groom Carpentry Crew
Al Gullion Carpentry Crew
Kevin Hutson Carpentry Crew
Marcus Rak Carpentry Crew
Kevin Steeper Carpentry Crew
Justin Theobald Carpentry Crew
Jennifer Sager Properties Crew
Carolyn Choo Properties Crew
Camellia Koo Painting Crew
Jennifer Sager Painting Crew
Matthew Byrne Lighting Crew
Gareth Crew Lighting Crew
Robin Dutt Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Angela Moore Lighting Crew
Justin Theobald Lighting Crew


Verne Good Mainspace Technician
Michael Freeman Production Manager
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Jon Alexander Technical Director
Gillian Rode Head of Properties
Niki Kemeny Head of Properties
Ian Chappell Head Carpenter
Chlöe Anderson Head of Wardrobe
Rebekka Hutton Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Sharon Ryman Wigs and Hair
Lindsay Anne Black Head Scenic Artist