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Superior Donuts ()

Produced by

The Coal Mine Theatre

Playwright: Tracy Letts
Director: Ted Dykstra


The Coal Mine (1454 Danforth Ave)


February 8th, 2017 – February 26th, 2017


Despondent donut proprietor Arthur Przybyszewski, the son of Polish and Russian immigrants and an ’60s radical, has pretty much withdrawn from life. Franco Wicks, a troubled 21-year-old black writer from the neighbourhood, has talked his way into a non-existent job at the donut shop. The heart of the play is the budding relationship between Arthur and Franco as they circle each other, and the gap between youth and age, idealism and experience, black and white (


Darla Biccum Officer Randy Osteen
Michael Blake Officer James Bailey
Paul Dods Kiril Ivankin
Ryan Hollyman Luther Flynn
Diana LeBlanc Lady Boyle
Robert Persichini Arthur Przybyszewski
Alex Poch-Goldin Max Tarasov
Nabil Rajo Franco Wicks
Jon Lachlan Stewart Kevin Magee

Creative Team

Tracy Letts Playwright
Ted Dykstra Director
Simon Fon Fight Director
Anna Treusch Set Designer
Anna Treusch Costume Designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak Lighting Designer
Verne Good Sound Designer


Katie White Stage Manager
Rae Ellen Bodie Dialect Coach
Christopher Hayes Producer
Diana Bentley Producer
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager
Kay Jameson Head of Wardrobe
Anna Treusch Painter
Simge Suzer Painter
Carrie Sager Publicist
Jennifer Kidson Social Media Manager
Melissa D’Agostino Associate Producer
Kostis Petridis Graphic Designer
Matt Campagna Program Design
David Christo Bar Manager
Jacquie Baby Front of House
Michael Knutson Front of House
Kostis Petridis Volunteer Coordinator