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Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Director: Daniel MacIvor
Playwright: Daniel MacIvor


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


November 6th, 2007 – December 16th, 2007


When your teenage daughter is struggling with drugs, boys, and the law, it’s not an ideal time for dating. After an awkward divorce, Al is looking for a new start, but 19-year old Brooke is determined to undermine her father’s chance at happiness. (


Tom Barnett Al
Caroline Gillis Christine
Bethany Jillard Brooke
Fiona Highet Donna

Creative Team

Daniel MacIvor Director
Daniel MacIvor Playwright
Tessa King Assistant Director / Urjo Kareda Emerging Artist-in-Residence
Kimberly Purtell Set Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Shawn Kerwin Costume Designer


Robert Harding Stage Manager
Nicola Benidickson Apprentice Stage Manager
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Kilby Smith-McGregor Graphic Designer
Joseph Gallaccio Carpentry Crew
Verne Good Carpentry Crew
Paul Jamieson Carpentry Crew
Shannon Lintott Carpentry Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Carpentry Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Carpentry Crew
Bill Stahl Carpentry Crew
Gareth Crew Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Mel Johansen Lighting Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Lighting Crew
Matthew Pochwalowski Lighting Crew
Kizzie Sutton Lighting Crew
Lindsay Walker Light Walker
Michael Laird Sound Editing


Verne Good Mainspace Technician
Michael Freeman Production Manager
Paul Fujimoto-Pihl Technical Director
Monique Stewart Head of Properties
Ian Chappell Head Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Head Scenic Artist
Chlöe Anderson Head of Wardrobe