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To Be Straight with You ()

Produced by

DV8 Physical Theatre and Festival d’Automne and Maison des Arts de Créteil and spielzeit’ europa | Berliner Festspiele and The National Theatre of Great Britain

Presented by

World Stage

Creator: Lloyd Newson
Director: Lloyd Newson


The Fleck Dance Theatre


December 2nd, 2009 – December 5th, 2009


How does a society reconcile its religious beliefs with an individual’s human rights?

DV8’s Artistic Director Lloyd Newson leads a multi-ethnic cast in a poetic but unflinching exploration of tolerance, intolerance, homophobia, religion and sexuality. Based on hundreds of hours of personal stories collected from individuals directly affected by these issues, To Be Straight with You powerfully incorporates dance, text, documentary, animation and film. (


Sera Adetoun Akinbiyi Performer
Ankur Bahl Performer
Lee Davern Performer
Ermira Goro Performer
Hannes Langolf Performer
Femi Oyewole Performer
Rafael Pardillo Performer
Ira Mandela Siobhan Performer

Creative Team

Lloyd Newson Conceived by
Lloyd Newson Director
Gabriel Castillo Assistant to the Director
Uri Omi Set Designer
Ben Austin Set Design Assistant
Beky Stoddart Lighting Designer
Adam Hooper Co-Sound Designer
John Avery Co-Sound Designer
Adam Hooper Sound Supervisor
John Avery Incidental Music
Kit Monkman Video Artist
Tom Wexler Video Artist
Gabriel Castillo Costume Coordinator
Lloyd Newson Choreographer (with The Performers)


Jamie Maisey Production Manager
Tim Follett Technical Stage Manager
Tom Pattullo Stage
Adam Hooper Sound
Richard Godin Lighting
Tim Reid Video Operator
Tim Follett Set Construction
Tom Pattullo Set Construction
Dana Ennis Set Painter
Anshu Rastogi Researcher
Anshu Rastogi Vox Pop Interviews
Leila Darwish Vox Pop Interviews
Lloyd Newson Sound Editing
Wendy Houstoun Sound Editing
Wendy Houstoun !st Stage Sound Editing
Tanja Liedtke !st Stage Sound Editing
Anshu Rastogi !st Stage Sound Editing
Louise Wallinger !st Stage Sound Editing
Lloyd Newson !st Stage Sound Editing
Gabriel Castillo Company Manager
Eva Pepper Executive Producer
Louise Eltringham Operations Manager
Amy Jane Clewes Administrative Assistant


Duncan Morgan Crew Chief
Allan Day Head Electrician
Phil Clemo Sound Engineer
Simon Rossiter Stage Carpenter
Alex Maitland Head Flyman
Sarah O’Brien Wardrobe
Kevin Sodhi Crew
Larry Cox Crew
Verne Good Crew
Katie Horrill Crew
David Couture Crew
Grant Primeau Crew