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World Stage

Over a rich 27-year history, World Stage has been committed to building culture through the exchange of ideas, offering patrons a portal into the current state of international contemporary performance. With a bold curatorial vision and highly subsidized ticketing structure, World Stage brings some of the most innovative and boundary-pushing performance leaders from around the world to share and develop contemporary viewpoints with Toronto audiences.

Beyond this, Harbourfront Centre has worked hard to ensure not only that the best of the world comes to Toronto, but that Toronto sees itself reflected in the World Stage programming. Central to the World Stage vision is the juxtaposition of international, national and local creations, providing Canadian artists with resources, venues and exchange opportunities.

Along with a commitment to artistic development, audience development is also at the heart of programming. The season always includes an array of extras to ensure the delivery of a more textured performance experience. From the speakeasies and cabarets to poster exhibitions and film screenings of past years, this year’s post-performance talkshows, opening night receptions, and artist development workshops are no exception.

The world awaits.



Produced by World Stage

This Is a Costume Drama April 29th, 2015 – May 2nd, 2015

Presented by World Stage

Looking for Paul: Inez van Dam vs. the Buttplug Gnome April 26th, 2016 – April 30th, 2016
Straight White Men June 3rd, 2015 – June 6th, 2015
All Our Happy Days Are Stupid February 11th, 2015 – February 14th, 2015
The Speedy May 15th, 2014 – May 18th, 2014
Mies Julie May 6th, 2014 – May 10th, 2014
Conte d’amour April 1st, 2014 – April 5th, 2014
Untitled Feminist Show February 12th, 2014 – February 15th, 2014
Lear March 5th, 2013 – March 10th, 2013
The Shipment May 9th, 2012 – May 12th, 2012
Ajax & Little Iliad April 4th, 2012 – April 8th, 2012
The Wooster Group’s Version of Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carré March 28th, 2012 – March 31st, 2012
The War of the Worlds March 31st, 2011 – April 3rd, 2011
Questo Buio Feroce (The Wild Darkness) January 26th, 2011 – January 29th, 2011
PHOTOG November 17th, 2010 – November 20th, 2010
Do Animals Cry March 3rd, 2010 – March 6th, 2010
Once and for all we’re gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen February 16th, 2010 – February 20th, 2010
To Be Straight with You December 2nd, 2009 – December 5th, 2009
Hamlet November 19th, 2009 – November 29th, 2009
The Walworth Farce October 6th, 2009 – October 10th, 2009
The Cleansing of Constance Brown May 5th, 2009 – May 9th, 2009
Blind Date March 3rd, 2009 – March 7th, 2009
Tshepang February 18th, 2009 – February 21st, 2009
Shakuntala February 4th, 2009 – February 15th, 2009
Hospitality 3: Individualism Was a Mistake November 19th, 2008 – November 22nd, 2008
Damascus April 22nd, 2008 – April 26th, 2008
Sizwe Banzi is Dead April 18th, 2007 – April 22nd, 2007
Revisited April 4th, 2007 – April 19th, 2007
Particularly in the Heartland March 28th, 2007 – April 1st, 2007
Mabou Mines DollHouse January 24th, 2007 – February 4th, 2007