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Produced by

Boca del Lupo

Presented by

World Stage

Director: Sherry Yoon
Creator: Sherry Yoon
Playwright: Jay Dodge


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


November 17th, 2010 – November 20th, 2010


PHOTOG by Boca del Lupo will examine the life of a fictional conflict photographer who wrestles with his reality of standing behind the lens taking pictures, instead of in front of it taking action. It will begin by collecting arresting images, interviews and situations from the memories, imaginations and current realities of contemporary journalists from across Canada and around the world; the most profound and pertinent of these will form the basis of a live performance experience focusing on the seamless integration of mediums at pace with the modern day tempo of information, but with the ability to take pause to consider its beauty, its horror and its impact on they way we live our lives. (


Jay Dodge Performer
Tom McBeath Editor (appearing on screen)
Tom Pickett Building Manager (appearing on screen)
Parnelli Parnes Cop (appearing on screen)

Creative Team

Sherry Yoon Director
Sherry Yoon Creator
Jay Dodge Playwright
Carey Dodge Sound Designer
John Webber Lighting Designer
Mara Gottler Costume Designer
Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg Choreographer
James Fagan Tait Dramaturge


Pietro Amato Composer


Samara Van Nostrand Stage Manager
Sean Tyson Rigging Operator
David Warburton Technical Assistant
Roxana Chapela Set Assistant
Roxana Chapela Props Assistant
Colin Decker Rigging Consultant
Rob Hayter Stunt Consultant
Hilary Moses Animation Research
Kenji Maeda Associate Producer
Rachel Peake Associate Producer


Brian Aitken Production Manager
Sam Shaw Technical Director
Patrick Hales Head Electrician
Tim Davidson Sound Engineer
Alex Maitland Stage Carpenter
Pieter Bruelemans Crew
Verne Good Crew
Alida Keenleyside Crew
Sarah O’Brien Crew
Colleen Pilger Crew
Heather Richards Crew
Grant Primeau Crew