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This Is a Costume Drama ()

Produced by

The Dietrich Group and World Stage

Creator: D.A. Hoskins
Director: D.A. Hoskins


The Fleck Dance Theatre


April 29th, 2015 – May 2nd, 2015


The Dietrich Group’s ambitious new production binds together a dizzying array of historical, pop, scientific and religious inconography, characters and situations. It forms a knot of influences and references that refuses to be untied. Elaborating artistic director DA Hoskins’ work as a sculptor who uses the material of dance, This Is a Costume Drama reveals how we transform, how we put on masks and how we celebrate – all as it turns the theatre into a landscape built for graphic spectacle. It’s a sexy, quirkily adult game of adornment, where the transformation of the exterior exposes a flash of inner life. (


Brendan Wyatt Performer
Brodie Stevenson Performer
Danielle Baskerville Performer
Greg Selinger Performer
Jennifer Dahl Performer
Lacey Smith Performer
Mark Reinhart Performer
Mariana Medellin-Meinke Performer
William Christopher Ellis Performer

Creative Team

D.A. Hoskins Creator
D.A. Hoskins Director
D.A. Hoskins Choreographer
Dieter Janssen Set Designer
Matthew Vaile Costume Stylist
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
Nico Stagias Filmmaker
Santosh Isaac Motion Graphics Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Jordan Tannahill Contributing Writer


Laura Cournoyea Stage Manager
Lindsay Jenkins Assistant Stage Manager
Oz Weaver Production Manager
Oz Weaver Producer
Nico Stagias Promotion Photography
Javier Castellanos Promotion Photography
Katherine Limo Promotion Photography
Maxime Brocken Promotion Photography
Michael Moore Marketing