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Lindsay Jenkins

Crew, Designer, Extraspace Technician, Extraspce Technician, Graphic Designer, Marketing, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Public Relations, Stage Manager, Venue Technician

Assistant Stage Manager

This Is a Costume Drama () Assistant Stage Manager

Communications Manager

The Life is Sweet Project () Communications Manager


Kopernikus () Crew
The Wager () Crew


Parallel Play () Designer

Extra Space Technician

The Jungle () Extra Space Technician
Guarded Girls () Extra Space Technician
Cottagers and Indians () Extra Space Technician

Graphic Designer

Stop Kiss () Program


The Life is Sweet Project () Marketing


Parallel Play () Producer

Production Assistant

Adventures of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl () Production Assistance
Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl () Production Assistant

Production Manager

Stop Kiss () Production Manager

Running Crew

Tails from the City () Running Crew

Stage Manager

#MannequinGirl: The Musical () Stage Manager
Retreat () Stage Manager
Recurring John () Stage Manager
The Bull, The Moon and the Coronet of Stars () Stage Manager
Parallel Play () Stage Manager
Mum & the Big C () Stage Manager

Venue Technician

This Was the World () Extra Space Technician
Buffoon () Extraspace Technician
Cottagers and Indians () Extraspace Technician
Music Music Life Death Music () Extraspace Technician
Mustard () Extraspace Technician
Return Home () Venue Technician


Tarragon Theatre Extraspce Technician
Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space Extraspace Technician (2017-)