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Return Home ()

Produced by

MT Space and Salish Sea Productions and Urban Ink Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creator: Dima Alansari and Carlos Rivera and Émilie Monnet
Directors: Majdi Bou-Matar and Diane Roberts

Created by The Return Home Collective


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


August 6th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


Return Home follows two characters. One is an Indigenous Anishinaabe woman from Quebec living under the legacy of colonization, and the other is an Indigenous Palestinian woman born in exile, living in diaspora. We travel unchartered territory where two women, Indigenous to two very different places, Palestine and North America, converge in their personal struggles of love, selfhood, land and history. Joining the women is Raven, an Indigenous Mixteco from Mexico. He brings magic and transformation through dance and movement. Serving as a mirror it is Raven who transports the women to and from the realms of the imaginary and the real, giving rise to their awakening. Through music, movement, video and sound design, we watch as they discover what each can teach the other. (


Dima Alansari Performer
Émilie Monnet Performer
Carlos Rivera Performer
Nyla Carpentier Fancy Shawl Dancer

Creative Team

Dima Alansari Creator
Carlos Rivera Creator
Émilie Monnet Creator
Majdi Bou-Matar Director
Diane Roberts Director
Diane Roberts Dramaturge
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Sunil Mewani Sound Designer
Sunil Mewani Sound Composition
Alex Williams Video Designer
Maziar Ghaderi Additional Video
Eric Sanderson Additional Video


Heather Majaury Live Music Performance


Christopher Douglas Stage Manager
Lopa Sircar Voice Coach
Scott Clark Research
Minnie Clark Photograph
Swaneige Bertrand Costume Consultant
Sophia Dagner Graphic Designer


Lindsay Jenkins Venue Technician
Clint Bouwman Venue Technician