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Tails from the City ()

Produced by

Common Boots Theatre

Playwright: Marjorie Chan
Director: Jennifer Brewin


Evergreen Brick Works


December 10th, 2015 – December 30th, 2015


What happens when the only part you want in the Nutcracker doesn’t exist?  What if you really want to play a raccoon? If you’re young Billie, you follow a family of raccoons out into the wild winter night!

Through her eyes, we discover that things aren’t always as they seem for the animals of our city.  Was that a raccoon on a bike? Did that squirrel try to hit her with a snowball? Has someone lost this very important package, marked for Toronto? It just so happens to be Christmas Eve… (


Lucy Hill Fancy 2 / Squirrel / Racoon
Derek Kwan Parent / Fox / Squirrel / Racoon
Eponine Lee Billie
Michael Rinaldi Fancy 1 / Squirrel / Raccoon
Courtenay Stevens Not Santa / Squirrel / Raccoon

Creative Team

Marjorie Chan Playwright
Jennifer Brewin Director
John Millard Sound Designer
John Millard Musical Director
Glenn Davidson Set Designer
Glenn Davidson Lighting Designer
Anna Treusch Costume Designer
Richard Lee Associate Sound Designer
Karen Rodd Selected Props Designer
Elizabeth Traicus Assistant Set Designer
Derek Kwan "Lalala" Song Music
Derek Kwan "Lalala" Song Lyrics


Sandy Plunkett Stage Manager
Laura Baxter Assistant Stage Manager
Rebecca Vandevelde Production Manager
Eric Read Technical Director
Elizabeth Traicus Head of Properties
Laura Gardner Head of Wardrobe
Dayna Miller Child Minder
Lindsay Jenkins Running Crew
Meghan Speakman Running Crew
Dayna Miller Running Crew
Neil Silcox Photographer
Colin A. Doyle Front of House Manager
Erin Morgan Assistant Front of House Manager
Daniel Maslany Assistant Front of House Manager
Kate Walker Company Manager
Jenny Salisbury Artistic Producer
Sean Miller Community Outreach